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They Found Love at RappCats!

The Adventures of Weisie & The RappCats!

Hi Everyone!

We had some purrfect adoptions this month!

Let's meet Daisy, Garcia, Sophia, Ollie, and Bugsy. These cuties have new families!

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Greetings, Weisie!

You loved to sleep on anything that was new! New purse = new sleeping spot!

This month's blog is all about "new": new homes, new families, new futures!

RIP Weisie - your adoption was the start of a wonderful new chapter in my life. Special memories, just like these new families will now build!


Daisy's Adoption Was An Adventure!

We weren't surprised gorgeous Daisy was adopted quickly. But we were surprised Linda, her new Mom, was coming all the way from Boston! But hey, when you fall in love online, distance doesn't matter! After a virtual meet-and-greet via Zoom, and some photos and texts back and forth, we knew this was going to work out great.

So Linda bought a plane ticker, a new pink carrier, told her friends to stop worrying, and was on her way. Mellow Daisy took it all in stride, even when the TSA agent took her into a private room and checked out her carrier! Daisy was happy to roam around the room and stretch her legs.

Before her trip here, knowing Daisy was a playful young cat, Linda adopted Max, a gorgeous young black cat, from a close-by shelter. Daisy got a new brother in the deal! They get along great!

Linda had never been to Rappahannock.

We think she fell in love (how could you not!) with our county too.

Home at Last



"I Love Her"

Garcia was found wandering near the shelter, fending for himself. A Good Samaritan brought him to us. He had a sweet disposition and affectionate nature. His eyes were gorgeous - daintily tilted and encircled with white.

When this 6-year-old and her Mom decided it was time for a cat, they originally had one of our other rescues in mind (that they had seen on Garcia was so new, he was still in our intake room, and not up on the website yet.

But at the end of their tour of all the cats, we stopped by the new arrivals "just to have a look". And "that look" transpired...the one where you can tell a human is smitten and the cat stares right back into their eyes.

Once that happens, it's all over. It's heart time. For those who follow their instinct, they know they've found their cat. And they didn't "adopt" the cat. The cat adopted them - they just fell under the spell. And that's how it was with Garcia, a little girl, and her Mom!

...First Night Home...

Listen carefully

and you'll hear this little girl say

"I Love Her"

(ok, techically, it's a "him" & his new name is Chandler Gray)



A Shy, Stunning Beauty

Sophia was a very shy but beautiful girl who was surrendered to us. We knew her looks would make her very popular, but we were worried her reticence would discourage would-be adopters.

We didn't need to be worried. As soon as her new Mom saw her, she knew she wanted this cat. We did a FaceTime chat and showed her Sophia, who was still in an intake cage. She didn't act particularly friendly. Her adopter didn't mind. She wouldn't come out the cage until I left the room. Her adopter didn't care.

Sophia really hit the jackpot. Her adopter is an experienced, patient cat owner. Sophia now has a brother, Simon. They get along, and Sophia even grooms him!

According to her new Mom, Sophia's coming out of her shell. She enjoys watching the birds from her perch, and she enjoys keeping an eye on her new Mom. That's what she's doing in this photo!



Mr. Love Bug

Ollie was another cat who got adopted really quickly. He was still in his intake cage when his new Mom & Dad met him. It was another case of love at first sight all the way around.

Ollie was also a surrendered cat, and he was mellow and affectionate. He was friendly to everyone, but a total love bug when it came to his adopters. You would have thought they'd known each other forever!

Ollie's adopters had recently lost one of their beloved cats. They wanted a new companion for their remaining ones, who were grieving. In fact, on the phone they said they were open to adopting two new cats if they connected with two.

They definitely did...


"You're Back! I'm Ready!"

Bugsy is a cat who knows what he wants, and it shows. When he wants affection, he's liable to jump up on your lap and stay there as long as you let him. When he's not in the mood, he turns his back to you and walks away. Forget trying to pick him up during those times.

We also knew Bugsy would show us when the right adopter came along. Other folks had come to visit Bugsy, and he showed no interest. But the day his adopters came, he came to the door, stood on his hind legs, and gave a big "MEOW! HELLO!"

He rubbed against his new Mom & Dad's legs. He was happy to be petted. He followed them around the room. He was definitely interested. And darned if he didn't mope when they left.

When his new Mom came back less than a week later, he was ready! She sat the carrier down. Bugsy went straight to it and straight into it! He sat down as if to say "What are we waiting for? Let's go home!"

We didn't even get our usual goodbye photo - Bugsy wasn't coming out of that carrier for anything. He knew what he wanted, and he knew he'd found it.


Well, Weisie, what do you think?

Weren't these great adoptions?

Keep your paws crossed.

We're waiting for more purrfect adopters to show up!

Meow for now! Kitty kisses...

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