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Revealed: The Secret Dreams of RappCats

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Welcome back to The Adventures of Weisie & The RappCats!

We're so excited - we had four recent adoptions! Two of our sweeties even got adopted by the same family. They were buddies & roommates while they lived at RappCats - so it worked out just purrfectly! ...Dr. Deb


Greetings, Weisie!

Weisie, can you feel a hint of fall in the air? I know - me neither! But we can dream...

And that - our dreams - is what we're going to talk about today. Everyone needs a dream - humans, cats, and even dogs. (I'm sure theirs have lots to do with balls and bones!)

Come along as we discover the unique dreams of Donna, Fawkes, Butch, and all the other RappCats! I bet you'll be surprised how many wonderful dreams our sweeties have. And you can meow along with "Dream A Little Dream of Me" as you hear what they have to say!

But before we get to our RappCats dreams,

let's celebrate our adoptions!


Samantha, our fantastic summer volunteer, had to leave us recently to return to school.

But her Dad adopted Mr. Carson!

Apparently, this sweet fella is licking his chops to get to his fur-ever home!


Spots was our longest resident, and we will miss him dearly.

His wait was well worth it though - he got to go home with Samantha!

He is going to be one very loved kitty. And we know he will return that love tenfold!


Asher was a regal rockstar of a cat. The other cats were his groupies.

His coat was luxurious, and he adored being brushed.

We all loved Asher, and we couldn't pass by him without petting his silky fur.


When Francie looked at you, an old soul came through those intense green eyes.

While she still had kittenish energy, she also had a maturity beyond her years.

Surely she was a queen in another lifetime (and a natural match for Asher).

Francie & Asher were roommates.

They always got along, and loved discussing everything from current events to shelter gossip.

Now they get to continue their conversations in their shared fur-ever home.

At Their New Home

Asher, taking a pause from playing.

Francie found her new happy place.



Did you know that cats have marvelous dreams?

Well, take a look. You'll chuckle, get warm fuzzies, and might even get misty-eyed.

Enjoy...and feel free to hum along!

Well, Weisie, I hope you enjoyed celebrating our adoptions and hearing all the sweet dreams of the RappCats. And always know I will forever miss and dream of you - the best cat a girl could ever hope for.

Meow for now! Kitty kisses...

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We can't do what we do without your support.

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We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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