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The RappCats Take Their First Yoga Class!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Hello and welcome back! This is blog #3 already!

I want to thank everyone at RappCats for giving me the opportunity and freedom to create this format and to run with it. It's turned out to be such fun!

I'm delighted to see so many of you enjoying these musings and hope you'll pass on your favorites to your friends! ...Dr. Deb


Oh, boy, Weisie - what a week here at RappCats! We've found fur-ever homes for two fabulous cats (yes, that is redundant; you're right of course)! And...we've welcomed and given a safe place to 3 more!

Last time I promised to tell you the tale of "The Amazing Randy", but as amazing as that purfect story is, it will have to wait just a bit longer.

Because...are you ready for addition to all the comings and goings here, we had a FIRST at the shelter since we last talked.

Weisie, remember how I used to get a mat out and stretch out on the floor? (No, i don't either....) Well, anyway, there is this thing -- an exercise of sorts for humans -- called "YOGA". Lots of people do it, and I guess one of the shelter volunteers must have been talking about it, because some of the RappCats got it in their heads that they wanted their very own class!

Now, mind you, lots of the cats gave this idea great paws. There are some here who are purfectly happy staying curled up like the fluff balls they are, and the thought of uncurling and actually MOVING...well, they were categorically against it. But then again, those guys are practically catatonic so nobody was really surprised.

But some of our younger members thought it was kind of a catchy idea and they were game! Our older guests just rolled their eyes and flattened their ears -- they really didn't want to hear about it. And of course most of them were too busy chasing their tail or eating to care either way.

So a couple of the more "energetic" ones (the kind that run after imaginary bugs) went ahead and found a teacher and scheduled a class. They had mats and balls, and one even insisted on catnip ahead of time. There were some scuffles about who could attend and who couldn't -- some cats just like to hear themselves meow, you know?

You'll see the whole thing in living color in a minute...

But first, let's celebrate

Skyler and Creamsicle finding their fur-ever homes!


Skyler was a RappCats favorite!

She had quite the personality (and she knew it!). When she first arrived, she sort of thought she was going to be "the big boss" of the rest of the gang. Well, as you can imagine, that didn't help her make friends. So for awhile, she kept to her own perch and looked down (literally and figuratively) on the mere felines below - while she held court above as the LIONESS she knew she was really meant to be! But everybody - even Skyler - needs friends, so she cut back on the snarling and hissing and upped the sniffing and...well, even more sniffing...

Before long, she was a member of the team, and had purrfected her social skills.

We're all going to miss Skyler!


Creamsicle, we hardly knew ye! This mellow gentleman was so affectionate and easy going that we just knew he would be adopted super fast - and he was! Creamie loved to rub up against our legs and climb up on our laps. He got along with everyone.

The world needs more Creamsicles!


And RappCats welcomed:


Do you remember Edith Bunker, in All in the Family?

Well, Mrs. Bunker talked alot, but let's just say that our new Edith would give her a run for her money!

Edith probably had to fend off other cats and animals in order to have enough food to survive. She came to us quite skinny. She's just making sure she gets all the food she deserves! She's a really sweet girl and this is NOT representative of her manners in general! :)



Gracie is a super friendly kittenish gal who wants to explore the world! She figures she can see more if she's up high, so before you know it, she's jumped up on the closest perch. Her favorite seems to be the human variety. Backs...necks...heads...they'll all do for Gracie!

She's a talker too, with a demure little voice. She's happy to have a pleasant conversation (but unlike Edith, she has excellent table manners and does NOT talk with her mouth full)!



Garfield is new to RappCats and came to us after his owner passed away.

He's grieving, but he is a resilient cat who is adjusting very, very well. After just a few days, he's starting to come out of hiding and trust us. Today he was coaxed out with a few treats, and he was glad he emerged! He was smothered with love - lots of pets and he got his silky fur brushed, which he seemed to adore. In no time at all, he was relaxed and curled on his side, and then (surprise!) he was up on my lap, snuggled up and quite content.

Garfield is going to be just fine and is going to make his new owner a wonderful companion.

Well, Weisie, I told you we've been busy at RappCats!

So now that we've said goodbyes to our sweeties that got adopted into their fur-ever homes, and you've met our newbies, it's time for what I promised at the beginning of this blog...

The RappCat's First Yoga Class

What did you think Weisie? Are these cats great or what? I know if you were still here, you'd be friends with each and every one of them.

Miss you Weiser cat! Talk to you soon.

Yours 'til butterflies...Meow for now!

RappCats relies entirely on private donations from animal lovers like you to help cats and keep our operations going.

Monetary donations are always welcome.

Any amount helps!

Checks and money orders can be mailed to P.O. Box 307, Washington VA 22747.

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