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RappCats Give Thanks!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The Adventures of Weisie & The RappCats!

Welcome back everyone,

It's November already - we've had hard frosts, and the trees are bare. It's a great time for cats to curl up in cozy blankets!

At RappCats, our cats have their choice of soft beds, and the luxury of comfortable, warm rooms. We look forward to the day when all rescue facilities have these sorts of accommodations. We're very thankful for all the folks who helped us create and sustain our unique shelter.

...Dr. Deb

Greetings, Weisie!

Weisie, I'm forever thankful for the twenty-one years you were in my life! A big thanks for all the antics, cuddles, and conversation you brought me during that special time!

Today I'm taking you along as RappCats give thanks. This has been a difficult year for many people, Weiser - both financially and emotionally. It's also been challenging for non-profits, who can't hold their usual fundraisers because of COVID-19 and the risks associated with large gatherings. RappCats had to cancel their own big bash - the Catstravaganza - which is traditionally our biggest source of funds each year.

But here's an important lesson, Weisie. When times are tough, it's even more important to remember what we're thankful for. It helps get us through until times get better. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy hearing and seeing the many things RappCats are grateful for this year.



Firefighters, CareGivers, Volunteers, & Adopters

We had a local tragedy in October.

The home of Dr. George Scott, who lived in Woodville, was destroyed by fire.

We are thankful for his quick-acting caretaker, who was able to get herself and wheel-chair ridden Dr. Scott safely out of the home.

A retired veterinarian, Dr. Scott enjoyed the companionship of a dog and 5 cats.

The dog ran out and is fine, and back with Dr. Scott.

The cats scattered and hid.

RappCats wanted to do whatever we could to help.

Carolyn Yowell and Lesley Jenkins drove to the property each day to search for cats. Lesley thought she heard a faint meow, and went back inside the burned out house.

There, lying on an ashy chair whose upholstery had burned away, was "Oreo".

He let her pick him up and put him in a transport cage.

Soon he was bedded down at RappCats - his coat sooty, his white paws gray.

The smell of smoke on him permeated the whole shelter!

But Oreo was safe, and within a few days was letting us pet and love on him.


We kept putting out traps and calling for the other cats.

“Mamma” cat was found in a trap the next day.

Her daughter “Squeaky” appeared in a trap the day after.

Because the shelter was full with other new rescues at that point,

volunteer staff fostered them until space opened up a week later.

Sadly, the last two cats never showed up, and there have been no signs of them.



The volunteers at RappCats expected that the 3 cats would have to be separated.

But then Sandy & Burny Trueworthy called.

They lived less than a mile from the fire.

Sandy said it would be "an adventure" to adopt all three.

Burny wasn’t sure, initially planning only on taking in Oreo.

Lesley said, “Listen. There are 3 cats.

There are 3 syllabus in the word adventure.

And there are 3 syllables in the word miracle. So what do you think?”

Well, she had Burny on that. “Good point,” he said. “Come on Oreo. Join the gals.”

And for that RappCats is thankful!


And now, with Thanksgiving 2020 upon us,

it's time to see what else RappCats are thankful for!

Well, Weisie, I hope you enjoyed learning about our local heroes and watching our Thanksgiving slideshow!

Meow for now! Kitty kisses...

RappCats relies entirely on private donations

from animal lovers like you.

We can't do what we do without your support.

Please send this blog to your friends & family, and post it on social media so others will understand our work, and can choose to support RappCats.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Donations in the form of checks and money orders are also accepted and can be sent to:

RappCats P.O. Box 307 Washington, VA 22747

AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of eligible purchases to RappCats.

Always log into Amazon via to be sure your purchases count!

Simply select RappCats as your donation organization.

These small amounts add up, and make a difference to our cats!

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