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It's Raining Cats and Cats!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The Adventures of Weisie & The RappCats!

Happy New Year Everyone!

2020 was a record-setting year at RappCats! We're so happy we were able to provide shelter, loving care, and permanent homes to so many cats and kittens.

We united more cats and adopters in 2020 than ever before! Plus, we built our huge, amazing tree for the cats to climb on (thank you Candace!), we repainted rooms, did some insulating, got a new heater (the old one finally quit for good), and even bought special music CDs to relax the cats (they're great stress reducers for the volunteers too)! We also got more active on social media this year, and we post to Facebook and Twitter every day now. Check us out:

...Dr. Deb

Greetings, Weisie!

Well, Weiser, there weren't the usual New Year's festivities here this year because

of COVID, but I trust you, Patty and Amber partied hearty! Hope you set a good example for your brother and sister, and didn't indulge in too much catnip or too many shenanigans.

With or without parties, we're celebrating mightily here at RappCats. So many rescues and adoptions! Let's take a look...




There's no way around it. Missy is stunning.

At 7 months old, she was a shy girl upon arrival,

but now she plays and lets you hold and brush her.

Missy will be gone as soon as she is spayed later this week.

We wish we could clone her - lots of folks wanted to adopt Missy.

CASH aka Johnny Cash

So here's the story...

We were told this was "Suzy".

Turns out that something kinda important had been missed.

Cuz Suzy was a male!

So we had A Boy Named Sue on our hands,

but no way was this fella going for that name.

He threatened a hunger strike and insisted on calling his lawyer.

"You've got me in the slammer, AND you want to call me WHAT?"

No worries Cash...with that kinda chutzpah you've already been adopted!

Cash goes home later this week after his snippety-do-dah.


This is the proud Mama of Missy & Cash!

This sweetie seems to enjoy affection and likes being petted. She's curious and keeps an eye out on her babies. Lucy has to approve all potential adopters!

This young mama needs a forever home of her own. She was rescued while pregnant and we were able to place her in a foster home until the kittens were born.

So Lucy is used to people. She will make someone a loving, affectionate companion.


Luna is a striking cat with gorgeous marking and eyes that peer right into you!

Luna was surrendered to us, and this is a cat who would really

be grateful for a new forever home.

She's just got here, so we're only beginning to know her.

She seems gentle & friendly.

We think she's a wise old soul!


Neera has a name story too.

Neera is a he who had originally been called Nero,

but hey, who wants to be named after a Roman tyrant?

Yet he was used to the sound of his name so we had to keep it similar.

Neera it was. And you have to sing it to him "Neera....Neera..."

Well, this is a sweet and special boy.

He has a little vision impairment, but he can track a laser!

He also sometimes has a small jerking movement of his head.

The vet thinks perhaps Neera had a head injury sometime in his rough life.

So he needs a loving, understanding adopter who won't surprise him from behind,

and who might even sing to him!

In return, once he gets to know you, he'll roll over on his back, sit on your lap,

and turn into a purring machine.




(from a fictional Harry Potter character)

Won-Won was a lover from the first day at RappCats...

Won-Won showed up starving on someone's doorstep,

came right in when the door was opened, and did not want to leave.

Smart cat!

All of us fell in love with Won-Won right away.

He had no fear and was super affectionate.

Won-Won has already been adopted and is clearly cherishing his new home!


This adorable petite girl didn't stay with us long at all!

Pinky was friendly, and cute as a button with her namesake pink nose and dainty body. She loved being petted and talked to.

She's got a new mom and a purrfect forever home now!


Rae didn't last long at RappCats either!

She was a small, spunky gal with an amusing little growl. Just letting us know a ferocious tiger lived inside that tiny body!

Rae found the perfect home. Two little boys came to look at kitties and Rae let them know SHE was the one going home with them!

It happens that way lots of time - the cat really does seem to pick who they want as an adopter.


Remi was yet another RappCat who we barely had a chance to know before she was scooped up!

Remi was everyone's friend. She never met a person or cat she didn't like!

Plus she was cuddle cute with those long whiskers and big round eyes.

Congratulations to Remi and her lucky new family!


Hermione had been living in a colony and fending for herself. It took her awhile to relax and trust us, but she did it!

Hermione was a brave girl and loved climbing. Here she's enjoying the cubby tree. Her new mom says one of her favorite things is looking out the window from her perch in her new forever home.


Edith was a character - a very lovable one!

Truth be told, though, she was a bit of a diva and could be a tad grouchy.

She'd definitely appointed herself boss of the RappCats!

Well, Edith found the purrfect adopter.

She wanted a lap cat with lots of personality.

And they lived happily ever after!


There's not much better than a kid and their new kitten!

Pepper is going to grow up being adored. Just the way it should be.

Pepper, you might have to wear baby doll clothes once in a while, but we bet you get to sleep on the bed and get carried around the house as much as you want!

RappCats love that we find homes for cats of all ages, and that our adopters come in all ages too!


We were all so happy about Sylvester's adoption!

Sometimes our older cats have a harder time finding a furever home.

Yet they are usually SO appreciative, and they make wonderful companions.

Sylvester's new mom and dad are so in love with him that when they recently downsized and sold their home,

they told the realtor to leave room for Sylvester to sign too!

Congratulations Everyone!


Meow for now! Kitty kisses...and here's to a brand new year...

RappCats relies entirely on private donations

from animal lovers like you.

We can't do what we do without your support.

Please send this blog to your friends & family, and post it on social media so others will understand our work, and can choose to support RappCats.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Donations in the form of checks and money orders are also accepted and can be sent to:

RappCats P.O. Box 307 Washington, VA 22747

AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of eligible purchases to RappCats.

Always log into Amazon via to be sure your purchases count!

Simply select RappCats as your donation organization.

These small amounts add up, and make a difference to our cats!

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