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It's Halloween Party Time!

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The Adventures of Weisie & The RappCats!

Welcome back everyone,

It's party time! The RappCats always like a good excuse to party, so this year a few of them got together and lobbied for Halloween costumes and extra treats!

We headed off to the Dollar Store and JoAnne's Fabrics, and brought back bags of goodies. Did you know doll clothes fit cats perfectly? (Shhh...they think the outfits were custom made just for them:).

The shelter was a-purr with excitement! The RappCats had a fun Halloween party, and we hope you enjoy being part of it!

...Dr. Deb


Greetings, Weisie!

Every year, you were always the purr-fect black Halloween cat! Yellow eyes glowing in the dark, an eerie stare that frightened the little kids, and a lopsided walk that made you walk like Frankenstein!

Today, I'll take you to the Inaugural RappCats Halloween party. But first, let's meet our new RappCat arrivals, & celebrate all our adoptions!

You're right, it was beneath you!




Rae, or "Rae Rae," as we've taken to calling her, is a little cutie-pie.

Like too many cats, she was on her own, fending for herself and her babies.

Now they're all safe, well-fed, and out of the cold.

Rae has a sweet little voice, and she loves being petted.


Sylvester is an adult cat who misses being part of a family.

He is a gentle, calm boy, who enjoys being petted and held on your lap.

He will make a loyal, affectionate companion to the lucky person who adopts him.


Grunder is a big ole bundle of love.

He had some medical issues when we rescued him, but we're taking care of them all.

He's had dental surgery, and antibiotics for his eye and gum infections.

For his safety while recovering, Grunder's been in isolation, but he gets out soon.

Until then, we spend extra time with him every day, and it makes him so happy!

Want an endless supply of love in your life?

Grunder has it to give!


RappCats Who Found Fur-ever Homes!

...Celebrating Adoptions...


Theresa and her husband fell so hard for Donna's photo, that they drove one and a half hours to meet her. And it was clearly love at first sight for everyone!

When Theresa asked her if she "wanted to go home," Donna gave a little meow, and then walked right into her carrier!


Fawkes was our rescue from Flatwood, the town dump, where he fended for himself, and existed on scraps. He came to us matted and dirty, skinny, and very afraid of people.

But Fawkes is a survivor, and he quickly blossomed into a gorgeous cat, with plush fur and an intelligent, playful personality.

Cindy, Fawke's adoptive mom, is perfect for this adventurous guy!

She works and lives on campus at Randolph-Macon, so Fawkes is going to be loved on not only by his new Mama, but also by lots of doting preteen girls!

Now that's one lucky cat!


We knew Sprite wouldn't stay with us for long.

She was just too unique and lovely.

Sprite had one blue eye, and one golden eye.

She was a delicate girl, who loved to chase toys and roll over for pets.

Now she has a new Mama who adores her - they hit it off right away!


Joanie was another unique cat, with white tufted ears, black tufted paws, & no tail.

When found, her tail was badly injured - and sadly, it had to be amputated.

She recovered well, though, and ended up looking like an American Bobtail.

But she was just Joanie - a sweet, gorgeous rescue from the fields.

She was as loving as she was beautiful, and she's now treasured by her new Mama.


Robin was "Miss Congeniality" in the shelter!

She was even-tempered, calm, and friendly to everyone.

Even certain "grouchy" cats didn't faze Robin.

Robin is sure to bring serenity and loads of love to her new home!


Sally got the best of both worlds - some Torti and some Calico.

Who could resist this adorable bundle?

We didn't get to spend enough time with her,

but we're thrilled she found her fur-ever home so fast!


Miss Kitty was a favorite at the shelter.

She was friendly, quirky (she loved being vacuumed!) and sometimes silly.

She had her favorite spots - here she is in a few.

Now she's with her fur-ever family, the best spot in the world!


And now it's time for our RappCats Halloween Party!


Well, Weisie, I hope you enjoyed meeting our newbies, celebrating our adoptions, and peaking in on the RappCats Halloween party!

Meow for now! Kitty kisses...

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