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Colby the Trucker Cat Rides Again!

The Adventures of The RappCats!

Hi Everyone!

Once upon a time, a RappCats volunteer named Candace became a truck driver. She rightly figured the road could get lonely, so she started imagining a feline companion who could keep her company. She asked us to be on the lookout for just the right cat.

This special cat would have to be friendly, curious, and adventurous. It would also need to be mellow, adaptable, and relaxed. It would want to cuddle on cold nights on the road, and be able to entertain itself on long, boring stretches of highway.

This couldn't be an ordinary cat! We wondered if we could find a cat cool enough to fit the bill....

We needn't have worried. At the perfect time, a little abandoned ginger boy found his way to the shelter. And we all knew...this was going to be the start of something good.

We named this friendly fellow Colby. Now you can just call him ColbyTheTruckerCat!

...Dr. Deb

PS-Check out our social media for more shelter adventures & positive vibes!


How It Started

RappCats depends on volunteers, and we've had amazing ones over the years!

Until she left us to go on the road, Candace Clough was one of our most active.

There wasn't much Candace didn't do for RappCats.

Have you seen this gorgeous, colorful mosaic on the front of our building?

It was the brainchild of Candace.

She brought together artists from far and wide to painstakingly cut & assemble tiles to create an idyllic scene of cats in a sunflower-filled garden.

Our Cat Tree is as special as our shelter.

We're all about giving our kitty residents the best possible environment!

If they can't have a home yet, we want RappCats to be as close as possible.

Our must-haves are fear-free surroundings, open rooms with windows, opportunities for play & exploration, and frequent interaction with other cats and people.

Candace designed and built our cat's favorite play area!

Wide branches provide room for snoozing, practicing gymnastics,

or enjoying the view out the nearby window.

Artificial turf & velcro make for easy gripping and satisfying scratching.

Cubbies provide just enough space to help shy cats feel secure;

others use them to play "hide the catnip mouse"!

Docket, Swindler, Inky & Butch are just proud to advertise they're genuine RappCats!

Candace also painted a background for adoption photos on our office door.

So you can see how valuable Candace has been to RappCats.

And you can appreciate that when she asked us to find the perfect big-rig companion,

we were determined to do just that.

Never mind that many cats that come to a shelter are initially shy.

Never mind that they may not even want to be touched at first.

Never mind that they almost always HATE cat carriers and riding in a car.

We had faith.

We've seen enough miracles to know it always works out.

So...we waited...but not for long!

When our cats first arrive, they go to a 2-room intake cage.

They have privacy & time to adjust, and are seen by a vet.

Many are a bit overwhelmed at first.

Not this guy!

Here's Colby in intake his 1st day at the shelter.

Paws casually draped over his intake cage railing,

he carried on conversations with volunteers.

He reminded us of a seasoned prisoner telling his attorney to "get me out of here!".

The verdict was unanimous.

This was the cat we'd been waiting for.

Time to prepare Colby to meet Candace,

who was out on the road, but due back in town soon.

Colby was soon out of intake and in a regular room. He didn't have a shy bone in his body. He was playful, talkative, and inquisitive. He got along with everyone.

Colby was always waiting to say hello. He seemed to think he was one of us.

As soon as Candace arrived back in town for a layover, she came to meet Colby.

She asked Colby if he wanted to be a trucker cat, and he said, "Let's hit the road!"

He just had a few requests. He wanted to be chipped (smart cat!), wanted the blue collar cuz the pink surely didn't compliment his coloring, and he wanted to sit for a photograph.

Colby's official International Brotherhood of Teamsters portrait.

And so the adventures began!

Today, Candace & Colby are an inseparable team.

The road seems to be where Colby was meant to be.

His truck has a big cab and choices of where to sleep.

He has a secure spot in the passenger seat plus the freedom to go in the back for food, a bathroom break, or a snooze whenever he wants.

Candace puts out birdseed every morning,

so Colby has a front row bird-watching seat from the dashboard.

He's a pro on his harness, and gets plenty of exercise and fresh air.

He enjoys meeting the other drivers and their pet companions.

(He loves taunting trucker dogs

who have the misfortune of being parked next to his rig).

See for yourself: is this the most chill cat ever?

Colby & Mom

taking a break in the truck's cab.

When Candace is driving, Colby has lots of options for sleeping spots!

(Always color coordinated!)

Colby's rig is purrfect: he's in a "Cat Cab"!

Colby spots a dog in the next truck & decides to say hello!

His bed's big enough to stretch out!

We hope you enjoyed this tale

of a special kitty and his special adopter.

If you ever pass a big red rig, you never know -

riding shotgun could be one of our very own RappCats -

Colby The Trucker Cat!

And now, for a reminder...

Catstravaganza is back!

Our annual fundraiser is back after a 2-year pause due to Covid.

Join us outdoors in the beautiful Virginia countryside

Saturday afternoon, October 8th from 2:00 - 6:00pm.

This year’s event will be held on the grounds of the beautiful Castleton Lakes, home of generous supporters Tracie and John Jacquemin.

The event features an al fresco luncheon with local wines, and live music by songstress Monica Worth, accompanied by acclaimed guitarist, Royce Campbell, formerly with the Henry Mancini Orchestra. They will entertain guests with mellow jazz classics from Sarah Vaughn to Tony Bennett. A live auction will feature spa services, gift baskets from local merchants, an AirBnB stay, and more.

To register and RSVP, please click the photo below!

Meow for now! Kitty kisses!

RappCats relies entirely on private donations

from animal lovers like you.

We can't do what we do without your support.

Please send this blog to your friends & family, and post it on social media so others will understand our work, and can choose to support RappCats.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Donations in the form of checks and money orders are also accepted and can be sent to:

RappCats P.O. Box 307 Washington, VA 22747

AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of eligible purchases to RappCats.

Always log into Amazon via to be sure your purchases count!

Simply select RappCats as your donation organization.

These small amounts add up, and make a difference to our cats!

We also have a supply "Wish List" on Chewy's website.

Click on their logo below if you'd like to see what we currently need.


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