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Adoption Policy


So, you’ve seen one of our RappCats that you think you might like and are considering adopting him or her. That's great! Our Adoption Center cats are spayed or neutered, have all their shots, and are friendly. If the cat you want has special needs, we’ll let you know as early in the process as is possible. We also sometimes work with people who wish to find homes for, or adopt, outdoor rescue cats. Please contact us if you are interested in this special situation.


First Steps

As a private shelter, RappCats is able work with you to find the right cat for your family and help you understand how to care for your new pet for years of rewarding companionship. We are always available for advice after your adoption is complete.


All potential adopters must fill out an adoption application.


We will ask that you provide us with a reference, preferably your veterinarian. Usually, this only takes a business day or two. We also do a brief home visit (usually virtual) to ensure that everyone (including your other pets) will be comfortable with your new kitty. Sometimes, this home visit will occur when we bring the cat to your home to finalize the adoption, especially if you live a considerable distance from Rappahannock County, but it can vary according to your needs and the cat’s needs. 


What We Look For

An important part of what we do is to find loving, lifetime homes for our cats with caring people.  We like to think of our cats as part of the family – and we remind new owners that adopting a cat can be up to a 20 year commitment. If you treat your cat well, he or she will return the favor many times over with love, companionship, and great entertainment!


We prefer that our cats be adopted as indoor companions, loved members of the family. Cats that stay indoors live longer, healthier lives. However, we are willing to adopt to homes where the cats are let out during the day under the proper circumstances.



We charge an adoption fee of $110-150, which helps us with the costs of spaying or neutering the cat, as well as with needed medical care and all appropriate shots. We can return the adoption fee if you decide the cat does not fit in within the first 30 days. We will also ask you to sign an adoption contract, in which you promise to care for the cat, and to return the cat to us if you ever find that you can no longer care for him or her. We do not ever want our cat to wind up in a public shelter, where his or her very life is at stake.


If you are willing to make this lifetime commitment, please call us at 540.987.6050, or email us at

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